Hi world!

30 Jun

We are excited to present our first blog! The only problem is we have no followers (yet)

So, we accept this is the first of MANY more to come and may go unheard for a little while.. No worries.. we will maintain excitement for this new device for reaching out to our awesome customers! Cake push pops!!
A final list of flavors will be released this coming week. It’s looking like the price will be around $3.50 each. We will create 6 set flavors that we will not be customizing and make those available to San Jose July 9th, 2011. In store, you will be able to pick these up as single units. To order, we will make the minimum a half dozen. Instead of $22, a half dozen will cost $20. Please leave us feedback about this new idea =)

Orchard Supply is moving into the Mervyns next door. The construction outside is loud and extremely unappealing. We are doing our best to keep the sound out for our customers but they are driving everyone a little bonkers. September 19th is the opening day event so until then we will be working on our new breakfast and lunch pastries as well as sandwiches and SMOOTHIES.. Nom nom nom This is going to be one TASTY SUMMER!!

Alright friends until next time!

ShayShay @ C’est Si Bon


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