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27 Sep



Watermelon Cake Pops!

27 Jul

Hi all,

I promised earlier that i would post a blog describing how to make my watermelon cake pops so here i am..
First, to make the cakepops as legitimately watermelon as possible, you can use every ingredient i list in the recipe however some items are not necessary to the outcome and i will make a note of that as we go along. Making cake pops can be time consuming and you definitely need to up-it on the patience level if you plan to make large quantities of these at one time. Last weekend i made over 250 cakepops which i rolled individually by hand and let me tell you – PATIENCE was key. So here we go..


*A fully baked vanilla Cake. Can be made from scratch OR something easy like Betty Crocker mix, depending on your time constraints.

*Frosting. I use butter cream frosting i made from scratch  (But Pillsbury brand from the store can work as well)

*Red food coloring. This can be added to batter before baking the cake, or to the frosting before you add to the crumbled cake.

*Watermelon Flavor (OPTIONAL) – LorAnn Oils is THE place to buy flavor for candy and baking.

*Lollipop Sticks 3″ or longer

*Melting Chocolate (I use Patisserie coating, quite strong!)

*Vanilla A-peels

*Green candy color

*Mini chocolate chips, any brand; although i used Ghirardelli Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


1.In a bowl, crumble your fully baked vanilla cake. To save time, you can blend the cake in a food processor (but i guess i do things the hard way)

2.In a small bowl, mix small amount of frosting with a few drops of watermelon oil (optional) and some pink or red food coloring (remember that with food color, a little goes a LONG way)

3.Add frosting to your cake; about one part frosting to ten parts crumbled cake. You always want to start with a small amount of the frosting and incorporate it, slowly adding more to reach the desired consistancy which is that of Play-Dough. Once you can roll a small cake ball from the mixture without any breakage whatsoever, it’s time to roll!

4.Add a small handful of mini chocolate chips. The amount you add is totally up to you, but keep in mind that if there are too many of them than the cake balls will be harder to work with.

5.Incorporate chocolate chips, and break apart dough in approximately 1 oz portions and roll into ball. Place on parchment paper or other non-stick surface

6. Melt the melting chocolate – Do not over heat as it burns very easily in the microwave!

7. Dip your candy sticks into the melting chocolate about 1/2″-1″. Immediate immerse into cakeball, about half way into the ball (Any deeper and the cake ball will fall off quite easily during dipping)

8. Put cakepops in fridge for 10-20 minutes.

9. Dip cake pop into melted white chocolate. If the chocolate is too hot and the cake pop is too cold, the chocolate coating will crack. Try to dip a moderately cool cake pop into a lukewarm chocolate. Place the cakepop back onto Parchment paper with the ball part on the paper unless you are making the cake pops rounded. If you are making the cake pops ROUNDED, you will dip the ball into the white chocolate and drip excess chocolate while holding the cakepop over the bowl. This is a tricky process as the chocolate is heavy on the cake pop and tends to loosen the ball from the stick.

10. Stick in fridge for a few minutes for the white chocolate to harden up.

11. Mix some green candy color to the white chocolate and redip the cakepop.

After allowing them to cool off for a few minutes in the fridge, you are ready to break one open and show all your friends!

Alright guys, hope this was as good for you as it was for me. These will sell at the bakery for $2.50 each. Yay 🙂


Simple buttercream recipe

In a standing mixer, whisk together sugar & butter. Mix on low until it is well blended and then increase speed to medium for 3 more minutes.
Add vanilla and cream and continue to beat on medium speed for 1 minute more, adding more cream if needed for spreading consistency.

Hi world!

30 Jun

We are excited to present our first blog! The only problem is we have no followers (yet)

So, we accept this is the first of MANY more to come and may go unheard for a little while.. No worries.. we will maintain excitement for this new device for reaching out to our awesome customers! Cake push pops!!
A final list of flavors will be released this coming week. It’s looking like the price will be around $3.50 each. We will create 6 set flavors that we will not be customizing and make those available to San Jose July 9th, 2011. In store, you will be able to pick these up as single units. To order, we will make the minimum a half dozen. Instead of $22, a half dozen will cost $20. Please leave us feedback about this new idea =)

Orchard Supply is moving into the Mervyns next door. The construction outside is loud and extremely unappealing. We are doing our best to keep the sound out for our customers but they are driving everyone a little bonkers. September 19th is the opening day event so until then we will be working on our new breakfast and lunch pastries as well as sandwiches and SMOOTHIES.. Nom nom nom This is going to be one TASTY SUMMER!!

Alright friends until next time!

ShayShay @ C’est Si Bon